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Chapter 1 May 19, 2010

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Definition of Public Relations by Rex Harlow, who founded what eventually became the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA):

Public relations is a distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between an organization and its publics; involves the management of problems or issues; helps management keep informed on and responsive to public opinion; defines and emphasizes the responsiblity of management to serve the public interest; helps management keep abreast of and effectively utilize change, serving as an early warning system to help anticipate trends; and uses reseasrch and sound ethical communication techniques as its principal tools.


Public Relations as a Process: RACE acronym

  • Reaserch. What is the problem or situation?
  • Action. What is going to be done about it?
  • Communication. How will the public be told?
  • Evaluatoin. Was the audience reached and what was the effect?

Five Essential Abilities of a Public Relations Professional:

  1. Writing skill.  The ability to put information and ideas onto paper clearly and concisely is essential.
  2. Research ability.  Arguments for cuases must have factual support instead of generalities.
  3. Planning expertise.  A public relations program invovles a number of communication tools and activities that must be carefully planned and coordinated.
  4. Problem-solving ability.  Innovative ideas and fresh approaches are needed to solve complex problems or to make a public relations program unique and memorable.
  5. Business/economic competence. 

All information from this post can be found here:  

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition


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