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Chapter 4 June 3, 2010

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Public Relations Departments and Firms

Names of Departments:

A public relations department in an organization goes by many names.  And, most often, it is not “public relations.”  In the largest corportations the terms corporate communications or communications out number public relations by almost four to one.  Other names used for public relations departments in the corporate world inlcude: corporate relations, marketing adn corporate affairs, investor relations, public affairs, marketing communications, community relations, and external affairs. 

A 2006 survey of corportations by PRWeek asked respondents what activities their departments performed.  Listed below is the percentage of in-house departments responsible for the following public relations functions. (Top 10 Listed)

  • Media Relations- 79.5%
  • Crisis Management- 62.6%
  • Employee Communications- 59.4%
  • Online Communications- 58.0%
  • Special Events- 56.5%
  • Community Relations- 55.7%
  • Reputation Management- 54.8%
  • Product/Brand Communication- 51.1%
  • Marketing- 45.7%
  • Public Affairs/Government Relations- 35.2%

Advantages of Using a PR Firm:

Objectivity, variety of skills and expertise, extensive resources, interational jobs, offices throughout the country, special problem-solving skills, and credibility.

Disadvantages of Using a PR Firms:

Superficial grasp of client’s unique problem, lack of fulle-time commitment, need for prolonged briefing period, resentment by internal staff, need for strong direction by top management, need for full information and confidence, and costs.

All information in this post can be found in Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition.


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