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Chapter 9 June 24, 2010

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Chapter 9: Public Opinion and Persuasion

Opinion Leaders as Catalyst:

Opinion leaders –  people who are knowledgeable and articulate about specific issues.  Described by sociologist as (1) highly interested in a subject or issue, (2) better informed on an issue than the average person, (3) avid consumers of mass media, (4) early adopters of new ideas, and (5) good organizers who can get other people to take action.

2 types of leaders:

formal opinion leaders –  because of their positions as elected officials, presidents of companies, or heads of membership groups.

informal opinion leaders are those who have clout with peers because of some special characteristic.

Persuasion can be used to (1) change or neutralize hostile opinions, (2) crystallize latent opinions and positive attitudes, and (3) conserve favorable opinions.   The most difficult persuasive task is to turn hostile opinion into favorable ones.

Source Credibility:  A message is more believable to the intended audience if the source has credibility.

3 factors of source credibility:

  1. Expertise. 
  2. Sincerity
  3. Charisma


All information in this post can be found in Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition


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