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Traveling around Europe… July 11, 2010

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Bon Jour from Paris!

I am currently studying abroad in Paris France for the month of July.  I have been here for a little over a  week now, and have fallen in love.  There is nothing more refreshing than waking up every morning and seeing new things and meeting new people.


This weekend a group of students and I traveled to Brussels, Belgium for the day.  Right when we arrived we searched for the infamous Belgian Waffle.  The legends are all true… it was the most amazing waffle I have ever tried.  I got one with whipped cream and strawberries on top.  After our waffle we continued to “eat” our way through Brussels by sampling beer and their french fries. 


We returned from Brussels on Friday night and were able to sleep for a couple of hours before we left for the  Champagne region in France Saturday morning.  We toured two champagne houses and were able to view the cellars, and have a tasting at the end.

After this busy yet eventful week/weekend I have a feeling that the next four weeks will fly by.  I will do my best to keep everyone updated on my travels and post pictures when I have time!  Au Revoir for now!


4 Responses to “Traveling around Europe…”

  1. oh my goodness, that’s awesome. Two of my best friends are studying abroad there….Maybe you know them? Megan Wilson and Jordyn Coalson? Anywho I saw your blog post and got interested. I’m Obsessed with food and the food network and saw you were talking about Belgium waffles? I’m glad you made it clear to us back home in Statesboro that the Belgium waffles are true to their legend. haha weird question? but in Champagne, do they have a ton of good champagne?? What classes are you enrolled in and would you recommend paris for people interested in going abroad?

    • amberlaurin Says:

      Hey Briana! I actually have met Megan adn Jordyn and have been hanging out with them while we’ve been here… haha such a small world. The Champagne region is filled with Champagne houses, that the public is able to tour and then at the end try a sample. Both houses we visited had amazing Champagne! I am taking Communications across Cultures because it was the only one I could use for my major and my teacher is from Valdosta. I would definetly reccomend studying abroad in general to any students interested but especially Paris! It is such a big city with so many things to… Waking up every morning and not knowing what I will see or do has been an amazing experience!

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