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TOW 1: Social Media August 31, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,TOWS — amberlaurin @ 6:41 pm

I am currently participating in several forms of social media.  These include twitter, facebook, podcasting, and blogging.  Although I am not actively participating in all of these, I do try to update them as often as possible.

Twitter: My twitter account name is amberlaurin (PLEASE FOLLOW ME!!!).  I try to update it as much as possible but being in Europe this summer as well as starting school I have slacked.  I use twitter to connect with other Georgia Southern students, as well as Public Relation professionals.  I think twitter is an important social media because it allows people to network without actually  meeting face to face with them.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the social media forms I am most actively involved in.  I use Facebook to connect with friends from high school who go to other colleges, my family, and other friends.  Facebook is important not only to individuals but also to businesses looking to advertise.  I have connected with not only old friends but also people who interested in the same things I am.  I tend to update my status and page several times a week.

Podcast: Although I personally do not have my own podcast.  I usually listen to several PR podcast a week to stay updated on new topics and concepts.

Blogging: This is my first blog but I have used it not only for class but also for updating my family.  This past summer I spent 5 weeks in Europe.  I used my wordpress blog to share pictures as well as memories with my family.  I think that blogging is one of the things that future employers look for in new employees.  With technology changing constantly, it is important for students to keep up to date with new technological advances.


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