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TOW 2: Grammar Girl August 31, 2010

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This week we were asked to read or listen to a post/podcast on the website Grammar Girl. I was very impressed with the information I found. I am semi-familiar with this website because I have some prior experience with it from another class so it wasn’t too difficult to navigate . I came across the ‘Top Ten Grammar Myths’ and there were a few things on the list that surprised me. To give a better insight to what I learned from this article, here’s what made the list:

  1. You shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition
  2. You shouldn’t split infinitives
  3. It’s incorrect to answer the Q: “How are you?” with the A: “I’m good.”
  4. You use a before words that start with consonants and you use an before words that start with vowels
  5. I.e. and e.g. mean the same thing
  6. Passive voice is always wrong
  7. There is only one way to write the possesive form of words that end in s
  8. Irregardless is not a word
  9. You shouldn’t start a sentence with the word however
  10. A run on sentence is a really long sentence

The first one on the list that jumped out at me was #8: irregardless is not a word. Grammar Girl says that this is technically not a word but it has gained wide enough use to qaulify as one. I’ll be sure not to use the word irregardless in a situation where I am trying to be taken seriously..

I would really like to know more about #3 on the list: It’s incorrect to answer the Q: “How are you?” with the A: “I’m good.” According to Grammar Girl, the response “I’m well” should be used when talking about your health, not your general disposition. I have always heard that “I’m well” is a more acceptable response than “I’m good” but I guess I was wrong. I can’t tell you how many times I was corrected for saying “good” instead of “well” when I was younger, but who’s laughing now.


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