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TOW 3: Blog Comments September 20, 2010

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Blog comments are an integral part of blogs because they allow feed back in the virtual world.  Readers are able to express their views and opinions and blog writers are able to see that people actually do read their blogs.

Blog comments can encourage blog writers to improve or add to their existing blogs.  They also create a blog community where conversation, wisdom, and ideas are shared. says,

Finding out what readers think, learning from different peoples perspectives, and hearing how much you appreciate what we do is a real boost of energy and your comments inspire bloggers tocontinue providing their readers with news, fascinating content, and unique opportuni-ties to be part of a thriving and united community.

However blog  comments can not be an integral part of blogging without being effective and compelling. Mack Collier, a social media consultant, speaker, and trainer, lists six basic steps to making your comments more effective.

  1. Add something to the conversation.
  2. Comment Early.
  3. Don’t over-promote yourself.
  4. You can disagree, without being disagreeable.
  5. Ask Questions.
  6. Know why you are commenting.

If blog posters remember these simple steps when commenting on blogs, blog comments can be an enjoyable and useful thing for everyone.


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