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TOW 4: NEWSU Cleaning Your Copy September 20, 2010

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This past weekend I participated in the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style, and More! course. This class focused on four separate areas including grammar, AP style, punctuation, and spelling.  I found this class be extremely helpful because I have not reviewed grammar, punctuation, or spelling in a few years.  I also found that I was making common mistakes quite often.

Grammar: I found the sections c0ncerning who/whom and lay/lie to be most helpful in my writing.  I realized that I have been making these mistakes in my writing for as long as I can remember.  NewsU made it simple by describing that who is a subject and whom is an object.  The differences between lay/lie are a tad bit more difficult.

AP Style: AP Style is something that I have struggled with since it was first introduced to me at the beginning of college.  The information given in the course as well as Professor Barbara Nixon’s presentation, Flagging Your 2010 AP Stylebook, provided me with more understanding and confidence in using the stylebook.

Punctuation: Punctuation is another sticky topic.  Although I know the basics sometimes I find myself adding too many comma’s.  This section of the course set out specific instructions on how to use the correct punctuation in many cases.

Spelling: Misspelled words are one of my biggest pet peeves.  Especially when a dictionary or spell check is readily available to most people.

I found this course to be helpful in improving my writing, as well as in recognizing certain things I need to be more aware of when writing.


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