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Dancing with the “so-called” Stars? September 21, 2010

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The hit TV show Dancing with the Stars pairs professional dancers with celebrities in an all out dance competition in which the viewers decide the winner.  As the ratings of many reality competition shows drop, Dancing with the Stars continued to dominate Monday nights.  According to TVOverMind, DWTS averaged over 20 million live viewers over its 2-hour premiere.  I have not always been a fan of the show but have watched it time to time and decided to see what the line up was like this season.  After seeing the lineup I was excited about some names and then surprised about others.  Since when does teen pregnancy/and being a politician’s daughter make you a star?  The show which prides itself on having popular “celebrities” learn how to dance from professionals definitely did not impress me.  The reality television stars that were chosen to compete weren’t even as well known as others on their show, and maybe it is because I am female but I have never heard of either athletes picked.  Of all of the performers there I believe there was only one that is truly a celebrity and deserved to be there…. Jennifer Grey.  Even though viewers expected this Dirty Dancing beauty to excel, I think she did better than anyone could have imagined.


9 Responses to “Dancing with the “so-called” Stars?”

  1. agreen134 Says:

    I to am not very impressed with the line-up for this seasons dancing with the stars. I have watched a few seasons in the past and fell in love with the show, but I really doubt I will keep up with this season. Although, I do believe this season may hurt their previous top ratings for Monday nights. In my opinion I would love to see some more well known athletes on the show like Kobe Bryant and Shaq, how funny would that be? 🙂 Who knows maybe this season will be better than I expected but I am definitely excited to see Jennifer Grey on the show!

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  3. caitbaileyy Says:

    I completely agree. I know six of the Dancing With the Stars “celebrity” contestants by name and may recognize two others? Most of the celebrities that agree to do DWTS are washed up actors, singers, or stars that have been on the “D-list” (more like z-list), and now they have even resorted to MTV stars. But on the other hand, could you really see someone as famous as Julia Roberts agreeing to do the show? No way. So I guess really they’re limited to unwarranted celebrities or washed-up stars. Onto the Bristol Palin topic, do I think she is a star? No way. But do I think that people would be interested in watching her just because of the publicity she has gotten in the past 2 years or so? Definitely.

  4. mrtarplin Says:

    I’m not really big on reality TV either, but I heard George Lopez making a few jokes about this season of Dancing With The Stars. I completely agree with you I dont think being Sarah Palin’s daughter (I think thats who he said she was) really qualifies you as being a celebrity… if anything she’s second hand famous or famous by association. I feel like these shows are all getting gradually weaker and less entertaining because they are running out of celebrities. Anyone you would want to see on this show has either already been on there, or isn’t willing to do the show at all. Next season they’ll probably get some real has-beens out there like some out-of-work former child actors that people may or may not remember.

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  6. dwayne03 Says:

    My mom watches this show religiously. I really can’t stand it. I do use it for my own entertainment though.

  7. Who is Jennifer Grey? I too agree that the title of that show is misleading. The contestants aren’t astronauts… nothing? Forgive my cheesy humor.

    I figure that the show’s funding is limited. If people understood “Stars” to mean only A list celebrities, and the show didn’t want to dissapoint it’s audience, it would need more funding than the “War on Terror.” I guess the problem here is the vague use of the word “Stars.” Perhaps the show should be called, “Dancing with people that have been seen on TV.”

  8. stefmar Says:

    I do not normally watch DWTS, but my parents do, so while I was at home for Thanksgiving Break I decided to watch the two-night finale because I assumed that the final 3 would be the best. Yes, Jennifer & Kyle were both great, but Bristol Palin? In the finals? Come on! But my problem is not with Bristol’s dancing skills, but with her title of “Teen Activist”. I completely agree with what you said in your post about how does teen pregnancy make you a celebrity?! I honestly laughed out loud when they announced her “title” as she took the dance floor and even my mother commented on it. She put it as simple as can be, “if you were a child and decided that you wanted to grow up to be like Bristol I would not be ok with that.” And I completely agree with that! Just because she is raising her child and now doing PSAs about abstinence does not make her a role model for children or teens. To call her a teen activist was absolutely ridiculous and I hope that ABC and DWTS choose some real celebrities (or those worthy of the title) for the next season.

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