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Blog Comments October 19, 2010

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Cait Bailey- Public Relations Blog

The Spin Crowd– PR Connection

Hey Cait!
I absolutely love the Spin Crowd. I enjoy it because I would like to one day work in a PR firm similar to this one. I think it is also interesting because almost all of the PR specialists are females! This show gives an inside look to viewers who are don’t know exactly what PR is. The group does much more than just “talk to people”, viewers are able to see behind the scenes of what it is like to do everything that we are learning in class!
-Amber Laurin

Lindsey Elizabeth

I Love the “Lolli-Ladies” – PR Connection
October 19th, 2010

After reading this post I checked out the “lolliblog” for myself and fell in love! I enjoy learning and reading about companies who are led solely by women. That is one of the main reasons I chose Public Relations as my major! Although I am undecided as to what type of PR I want to do after graduation, I think it would be so much fun to start a PR firm of my own one day with my best friends! Thank you for sharing this!

MSNBC, Helen A.S. Popkin

Facebook Announces ‘Simplified’ Privacy Settings

I am a Facebook user and have been for the past five years. Facebook has evolved and changed several times during these years. I think this is due, just as the creator stated, to the growth of users and their expectations. Once a method of communication for college students away from family and friends, Facebook has become a major tool in many companies marketing strategy.

I completely agree with 3rdpartyadvocate, if users do not want to take the time to establish a set of privacy standards for themselves, I do not think the Facebook team should be punished. And as for the national quit Facebook day… I do not foresee Facebook losing many users. Plans for quitting Facebook have been created several times and each have failed.

Victoria’s PR Thoughts

Gap got a new look… Not

I was also disappointed with the change of the logo. I spent the summer in Paris and I have to admit when I saw the GAP sign I felt right back at home! I have grown up with the original GAP logo and it is imprinted in my brain. Although, I do understand the reasoning behind changing it, It was time for a new look. I don’t think by changing the logo GAP will lose or gain any customers. If anything they will benefit from having their name in the news. –Amber

The World of Public Relations-Brianna Wagenbrenner

Let’s Here it For the Girls

I still have yet to see SATC2, but I have watched every episode of the TV series and I have seen the first movie. I have always been a big fan of the series and the characters. This is one of the first TV shows I have watched where the lead cast is all females. Every female can relate to at least one of the main characters. I think that Carrie has always been faced with the need to conform by society. Her relationship with “Big” has always been a controversy among viewers. When it comes to the view of women in other cultures, American women are by far extremely lucky. We are given the same opportunities for education as males, and we are no longer expected to stay at home and take care of children. The fact that over 70% of PR professionals are females is also incredible. I am happy to have picked a career where no matter what my gender is I will be able to succeed. -Amber

Christa Jenkins Blog- The Future Fashion

Eco-Fashion Going Green
I am also excited that the Fashion industry is following in the footsteps of other industries and becoming eco-friendly. Going green and being green has become such an important part of our generation. It feels good to know that we are doing our part to save the world just from our grocery bags, the buildings we study in, and now finally the clothing we wear. I think it is also important that the news release highlighted the fact that the quality of craftsmanship isn’t going to change. I look forward to seeing the growth of this project. –Amber

Matt Wilson-

Meaningless Phrases People Use Everyday

After reading this article, I realized that I use several of these phrases daily.  I also found that more often than not celebrities and journalists use these phrases too much.  It makes you realizes the lack of common sense we the American people lack.

Wild Apricot Blog-Make Your Own Infographic

I am a PR student and was asked to create an infographic for an on campus client.  When I first started the assignment I knew nothing about infographics.  With the growing popularity of social media sites, I think that infographics will soon be a necessary accompaniment to news stories.  Thank you so much for sharing this information.

Novella Okoro’s Blog-TOW 3

I found this post to be very informative. It is interesting that George Washington began the first PR department as a pet project, and to see how much it has grown since then. I personally think that starting out in a PR firm would be most beneficial to me because I am still unsure of what type of companies I want to work with. I do however agree that the lack of full-time job offers would be frustrating. I also think that the best part about PR departments is that you are able to learn from people who have been with company longer, and that you are able to begin your career in an intimate setting. –Amber

Natlye Baldwin- Humorous Print Ads

Natlye, I always find myself remembering products that feature humor in their advertisements. I always watch the super bowl for the commercials and I always enjoy the funny one’s the most, which more often than not are the beer advertisements. I get extremely annoyed by some commercials whose intention is to use humor and fails too. Even though some of these get stuck in my head including the Brawny Paper Towel commercial that features “Stand by Me”, or the Swiffer commercials with the mop. Finding the right balance of humor and information can be a tough job for companies and those who succeed often reap the most rewards. –Amber

Socializedpr- Advice to a Young PR-Professional

I am currently a PR student at Georgia Southern and will be graduating this spring.  I found these tips to be extremely helpful and wish that I would have been able to gain this type of information while still in high school.  I agree that creating a blog is a good starting point, for one of my classes we are required to keep a blog throughout the semester.  Blogs also provide an area to post writing sample that you have completed either while in class or internships that you can share on your resume.  I also think that separating your personal and professional life is important for any career.  Another good site to network with PR professionals and students is  Thank you again for the great info! 125 Fearless Female Bloggers

What a wonderful bunch of women!  I am a PR student who will be graduating in the Spring.  I had to keep a blog for PR Writing this semester and have had trouble getting the hang out it.  I took the time to read the bio’s of several of these women who are leaving their footprint in the virtual world… and am extremely impressed!  Keep up the good work and thank you again!

Alicia’s Blog- Final Project: SMNR

Alicia, I decided to actually create a SMNR for my final project and found your post to be extremely helpful! I know that as a consumer I enjoy websites/stories and information that is visually appealing and interesting to me. I think it is important for people to remember that no one wants to just stare at a computer screen full of text! Thank you again for posting this important information. –Amber

Alicia’s Blog-R Connections: GSU Botanical Gardens Rhythm and Brews

I wish I would have read this post a couple weeks ago… This sounds like so much fun. It is also an excellent opportunity for members of the Statesboro community to check out one of Georgia Southern’s most beautiful amenities. I hope they decide to have another one next year! Thanks for this information! –Amber

Inside from the Mind of Mr.Tarplin- Larry’s Down for the Cause

Byron, this post is awesome! It is so good to hear about athletes giving back. My boyfriend watches NFL every weekend and I am forced to enjoy it most weekends. I thought the pink gloves, helmets, and other equipment was extremely neat, its not to often you get to see grown men parading around in pink anything… haha I am interested in finding out how much Fitzgerald ended up donating. I think one important thing to remember is that just because it is no longer October or Breast Cancer Awareness month, people are still struggling with this disease and should deserve our time year round! -Amber


Athletes or Super Humans?

Filed under: PR Connections,PRCA 3330,Uncategorized — amberlaurin @ 6:27 pm recently posted a link to an article in The Wall Street Journal highlighting the top five over the top press conferences in the sports world.  Delivering news bombshells has become something of a competition in its own right for pro athletes and their handlers, increasingly desperate for ways to capture the attention with announcements ranging from momentous to mortifying. Here are the top 5:

  1. Michael Jordan, Oct. 6th, 1993

Jordan’s announcement that he was retiring.

”I hope I don’t see too many of you guys in the future,” he said jokingly, flanked by his then-wife, Juanita, NBA commissioner David Stern and Bulls brass, including coach Phil Jackson. But he did surprise fans at the conference by suggesting he might “un-retire,” which of course he did, two years later, after a detour through minor-league baseball. He would lead the Bulls to three more titles in the late ’90s.

Magic Johnson, Nov. 7th, 1991

Johnson’s revelation that he had tested positive for HIV and was retiring from professional basketball.

Mr. Johnson, 32 years old at the time, had led the Lakers to five NBA championships in 12 seasons and had missed the first three games of the season with what was described as the flu. The build-up to this announcement was zero: He said he learned he had tested positive for the virus only the day before the conference. Mr. Johnson would also unretire for that season’s All-Star Game and again in 1996, playing 32 games for the Lakers.

Wayne Gretzkey, Aug. 9th, 1988

Gretzskey’s announcement of  his move to the Los Angeles Kings.

Mr. Gretzky, who requested a trade from the Edmonton Oilers after nine seasons and four Stanley Cups, lost his composure midway through the conference, stood up and walked away from the microphones after referring to himself in the third person.

Kobe Bryant, July 18th, 2003

To proclaim his innocence after being charged with assaulting a 19-year-old woman who worked the front desk at a resort where he was staying while in Colorado for knee surgery.

“I’m a human being, I’m a man like everybody else,” said the Lakers star, accompanied by his wife, Vanessa, admitting to adultery but adding that he didn’t force the woman “to do anything against her will.” The case against Mr. Bryant was dismissed in 2004 because the woman was unwilling to testify.

Brett Favre, March 6th, 2008

No one knew for sure what Mr. Favre would say at his news conference in March 2008, as the 38-year-old had just come off one of his best years in the NFL, finishing second in league MVP voting and leading a young Green Bay Packers team to the NFC Championship Game. Confusing fans more, the Packers had reported weeks earlier on their official website that Mr. Favre would retire, but removed the announcement minutes later.

At the conference, a teary Mr. Favre said he didn’t think he had “anything left to give,” but reconsidered a few months later and decided to play another season with the New York Jets. He announced his retirement again in 2009…before signing that summer with the Minnesota Vikings.

Professional athletes have surprised us in the past with announcements of retirement, illness, and regret.  Most recently the world was in shock with the announcement that Tiger Wood’s cheated on his wife and mother of his two children.  Pro athletes continue to behave like the super heros we treat them as.  Hopefully in the future we will see more inspiring, and eventful press conferences.


TOW 7: Tweet Tweet

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For this weeks topic I will be discussing my one week of twitter. I had never used twitter prior to this class but I learned a lot during this week. The most common assumption of non-twitter users is that twitter is comparable to facebook status’. This could not be more wrong. Twitter updates are more professional and often include a link to a blog, or website with interesting information. I learned a lot about PR by following a list of a PR professionals provided by Barbara Nixon. I also followed several celebrities, and news sources. I retweeted several of my fellow classmates as well as a couple PR professionals throughout the week.

The main thing that surprised me about twitter was how close I felt to the people I followed. I will use twitter to further network and hopefully one day to make connections and enter the PR field. At first I didn’t think I would like twitter and thought it would be a hassle, but after this week I think I will continue to use it. I downloaded it on my phone so checking twitter is very easy, and once you get the hang of it actively participating is easy as well.

One thing I would like are suggestions of interesting people to follow. So if you are reading this post please comment!


Get Your Creative Juices Flowing…

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PR Daily recently posted a link to Business Blogs recent post, How to Boost Your Creativity. As I have reached the middle of the semester and my first blog, sometimes I find myself searching for new things to write about. This blog stresses the point that everyone is creative, and how important creativity is in business and PR professions. Being creative can also set someone apart from other employees or interviewees. Here are the tips posted:

  1. Let it happen.
  2. Carry a notebook. Buy small notebook for jotting down things that spark your interest or you think might be useful.
  3. Do something different each day. Small things or little things. Reroute your nightly walk, or try out a new restaurant.
  4. Mix with different people.
  5. Read or watch something different.
  6. Look at nature.
  7. Just try something different.

You said What?

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Recently posted an article by Matt Wilson titled Meaningless Phrases People Use Everday.  After reading the article and reviewing the list I found that I use many of these phrases without even realizing how annoying or repetitive I sound.  I also started paying attention to media I listened to and conversations around me and found that Wilson hit the nail on the head with this list.

Start at the beginning

Isn’t that where I would expect you to start?

Let me begin by saying

Is someone stopping you?

We, as human beings

As opposed to what?

That said

Happens to be

All things considered

All in all

At the end of the day

In order to

In all its forms

Take the challenge to go a day without using these meaningless phrases… if anything it will give you something to do!


Chapter 7: Creating News Features and Op-Ed October 11, 2010

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Chapter 7: Creating News Features and Op-Ed

Feature Story: can provide additional background information, generate human interest, and create understanding ina  more imaginative way.They come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them have the potential to:

  1. Provide more information to the consumer
  2. Give background and context about organizations
  3. Provide behind-the-scenes perspective
  4. Give human dimension to situations and events
  5. Generate publicity for standard products and services

Types of Features:

  • Case study- tell how individual customers have benefited from a company’s product or service or how another organization has used the product or service to improve efficiency or profits
  • Application story- focuses primarily on how consumers can use a product or service in new and innovative ways
  • Research study- surveys and polls, as well as scientific studies;
  • Backgrounder- Several types including: 1)focusing on a problem and how it is solved by an organization or a product 2) explains how technology or product has evolved over the years
  • Personality Profile- written by journalists with a strong assist from public relations personnel who 1) SELL the idea of a profile 2) make executive available 3) provide background information and 4) even arrange photo shoots
  • Historical Piece: anniversaries, major changes, and centennials; Significant milestones may present an opportunity to report on the history of the organization, its facilities, or some of its people.

Parts of a Feature

The Headline- Either informational or one that uses a play on words, alliteration, or a rhyme to raise the curoisty of the editor or consumer

The Lead- Purpose is to attract attnention and get the reader interested enough to read teh entire article

The Body- needs to include direct quotes from people, concrete examples and illustrations, basic statisitics or research findings, descriptive words that paint mental pictures, and information presented in an entertaining way

The Summary- The core message that the writer wants to elave with the reader

Photo and Graphics – used to give it more appeal

All information in this post can be found in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition


Chapter 6: Preparing Fact Sheets, Advisories, Media Kits, and Pitches

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Chapter 6: Preparing Fact Sheets, Advisories, Media Kits, and Pitches

Fact Sheets: often accomponies a news release or a media kit.  It is a list of facts in outline or bullet form that a reporter can use as a quick reference when writing a story

  1. You can write one for an upcoming event
  2. Corporate profile: one-page sheet giving key facts about an organization
  3. A summary of a new products characteristics

Media Advisories: they tell assignment editors about upcoming events that they might be interested in covering from a story, photo, and video perspective.

Media Kits: Usually prepared for major events adn new product launches.  Its purpose is to give editors and reporters a variety of information and resources that will make it easier for the reporter to write about the topic.

Tips for writing the “perfect” pitch:

  1. Find out what the reporter covers and tailor your pictch accordingly
  2. Find out how the reporter prefers to be contacted – paper, fax, or email
  3. Make sure you’re pitching news or a new trend
  4. Offer help on stories even if your client or employer isn’t the focus
  5. Don’t call during deadline unless you’ve got breaking news
  6. Don’t send slips of other stories about your client
  7. Don’t call to find out when or if the story has run
  8. Relationships are everything. If you get the trust of the reporter, don’t abuse it
  9. Don’t lie.  Advise your clients or employer not to either.

All information in this post can be found in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition