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Chapter 7: Creating News Features and Op-Ed October 11, 2010

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Chapter 7: Creating News Features and Op-Ed

Feature Story: can provide additional background information, generate human interest, and create understanding ina  more imaginative way.They come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them have the potential to:

  1. Provide more information to the consumer
  2. Give background and context about organizations
  3. Provide behind-the-scenes perspective
  4. Give human dimension to situations and events
  5. Generate publicity for standard products and services

Types of Features:

  • Case study- tell how individual customers have benefited from a company’s product or service or how another organization has used the product or service to improve efficiency or profits
  • Application story- focuses primarily on how consumers can use a product or service in new and innovative ways
  • Research study- surveys and polls, as well as scientific studies;
  • Backgrounder- Several types including: 1)focusing on a problem and how it is solved by an organization or a product 2) explains how technology or product has evolved over the years
  • Personality Profile- written by journalists with a strong assist from public relations personnel who 1) SELL the idea of a profile 2) make executive available 3) provide background information and 4) even arrange photo shoots
  • Historical Piece: anniversaries, major changes, and centennials; Significant milestones may present an opportunity to report on the history of the organization, its facilities, or some of its people.

Parts of a Feature

The Headline- Either informational or one that uses a play on words, alliteration, or a rhyme to raise the curoisty of the editor or consumer

The Lead- Purpose is to attract attnention and get the reader interested enough to read teh entire article

The Body- needs to include direct quotes from people, concrete examples and illustrations, basic statisitics or research findings, descriptive words that paint mental pictures, and information presented in an entertaining way

The Summary- The core message that the writer wants to elave with the reader

Photo and Graphics – used to give it more appeal

All information in this post can be found in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition


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