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TOW 7: Tweet Tweet October 19, 2010

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For this weeks topic I will be discussing my one week of twitter. I had never used twitter prior to this class but I learned a lot during this week. The most common assumption of non-twitter users is that twitter is comparable to facebook status’. This could not be more wrong. Twitter updates are more professional and often include a link to a blog, or website with interesting information. I learned a lot about PR by following a list of a PR professionals provided by Barbara Nixon. I also followed several celebrities, and news sources. I retweeted several of my fellow classmates as well as a couple PR professionals throughout the week.

The main thing that surprised me about twitter was how close I felt to the people I followed. I will use twitter to further network and hopefully one day to make connections and enter the PR field. At first I didn’t think I would like twitter and thought it would be a hassle, but after this week I think I will continue to use it. I downloaded it on my phone so checking twitter is very easy, and once you get the hang of it actively participating is easy as well.

One thing I would like are suggestions of interesting people to follow. So if you are reading this post please comment!


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