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Are you a Twitter-oholic? December 1, 2010

Filed under: PR Connections,PRCA 3330 — amberlaurin @ 1:05 pm

PR Junkie: For Communication Addicts Everywhere, recently posted 7 Signs of a Twitter Addict, with the growing popularity of social networking websites as well as the requirement to twitter for our PR class, I wanted to share it with readers.  Although these are obviously a bit exaggerated, maybe some of you should seek help!


1. You think the expression “size matters” refers to URL shorteners.

2. You’re @thegym while at the gym.

3. For breakfast, you order eggs and a coffee with a side of hashtags.

4. You believe Twitter-ese is its own foreign language or poetic prose based solely upon phrasings of 140 characters or less.

5. Due mostly to the Fail Whale, you have an abnormal hatred for Free Willy and Moby Dick.

6. By retweeting, you’re convinced you’ve done your part to reduce your carbon-footprint.

7. You say follower; the police say stalker.


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